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Review: CBSE announced re-examination of Class-XII Economics & Class-X Mathematics papers

28th March wasn’t less than a nightmare for thousands of school students of the country. The biggest education board of India CBSE announced the re-examination of Economics of Class-XII & Mathematics of Class-X papers. The biggest question is how again and again cheating and fraud is taking place in these types of exams in India. And when all these serious things are going to stop? These types of incidents are taking a toll on a lot of students as well as parents.

Let’s have a look at some of the recent highlighted education scams happened across the nation:

  • Vyapam Scam in 2012: Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) popularly known as Vyavasayik Pariksha Mandal (Vyapam) is one of the most talked Examination Scams of Indian education history. The board conducts various exams for the selection of medical students and government employees at the state level. The cheatings were planned very smartly that a smarter and paid student can get the luxury of having answers even before reaching to the examination hall. The whole drama led to the huge protests from the students across the country that resulted in dozens of death. So called investigation is still going on by the authorities.


  • CBSE AIPMT – 2015: According to the reports, in 2015, over 6, 00, 00 candidates appeared in the Premiere Medical Entrance Exam of the Country.  After a couple of weeks, students got the news about the cancellation of the exam due to cheating. The incident once again made the students upset and raised the questions about the preparation of conduction of examination by the board.


  • Bihar School Examination- 2016, 17 & 18: Cheating and leaking of question papers is not something new in Bihar. The state is already lagging behind other states in terms of education and these types of things are not going to help its cause. Thousands of students are being expelled by the authorities for cheating.

There are so many other instances of frauds and corruption in education of the country. These types of incidents can’t happen without the knowledge of officials of the concerned boards. The corruption in the education is the worst of corruptions as it is playing with future of a lot of students and hence with the future of the nation. This fresh incident of paper leak is troubling a lot of students as well as parents. An exam at this level is the most important exam in a school student’s life, as it decides the future of these students. A particular student is not that good in a particular subject, he did everything to do better in that subject, his exam was much better than his expectations, he came back to home and was very happy because he didn’t expected that performance from himself. After less than a couple of days, he got to know that he will have to attempt that paper again, just because question papers were leaked even before they reached to the examination halls! Who is responsible for all these nonsense? And who is paying price for it? For God’s sake, stop playing with the future of thousands of students and make sure all of your preparations are more than okay.

Education is the most important part of a society’s success & education must be provided in a proper and secure way. All the concerned authorities must take some serious steps to make sure that these types of things are not going to happen again.