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Significance of Premarital Counselling
Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 11:19 am
Top Valuable Information, Trending Topics, News, Information site, Education, Tips, Learning site

Top Valuable Information, Trending Topics, News, Information site, Education, Tips, Learning site

The social institution of marriage has gradually shifted from its real purpose of uniting two significant souls together, to the more ineffectual condition of grand celebration and exaggeration. People are more inclined to pay keen attention in the appearance and grandeur of the celebration. Most of them are fascinated with the thought of executing all the responsibilities included in the ceremony of marriage with the best efforts. Not many of them take time for thinking about their responsibilities and duties involved in post-marriage life. The celebration and all gleams and glows that are the inclusive part of it, manifests the grandeur of the purpose. But here, the purpose is deemed to be little and superficial.

Immediately after the announcement of an engagement of a couple we first rush to plan for its celebration. Have we stopped to consider how much preparation and support this new couple will need for this decision of lifetime? We only stay focused about all superficial conditions and ignore the ultimate virtue that lies in beyond the courtship of marriage. The eternal bonding of marriage not only just brings two living soul together for the sake of it, the relationship is formed with the intention of making it a happy experience and everlasting. But lack of planning and preparation before marriage, can lead a married couple to multiple complicacies and can also jeopardize the harmony in a relationship. Hence, there are a surge in the numbers of divorces, marital issues and problems. Nowadays people are more susceptible to fall prey of these complicate issues in life and goes astray from the real purpose.

Therefore, the concept of premarital counselling is spiking up and is deemed to be the prevailing aspect in a marriage planning. With the current phenomenon of poor post-marital relationship and increasing complicacies, the initiative to curb down such problems has been incepted. People fail to recognize the real purpose of their bonding and put more focus on planning for the celebration and other superficial elements. Especially, in arrange marriage the couple hardly gets time to get to know each other and readily accepts the fact of getting married in no time. Hence, this doesn’t allow the individuals to spend some quality time in sharing their own views and opinion and also to comprehend the perception of each other.

Also in love marriage, many couples are largely found to be dealing with some worst marital complicacies. Many love birds believes in the fact that the small glitches in their love life will gradually fade away after marriage. But this wrong notion brings up more complicacies in their future life. Hence, the premarital counselling not only helps a couple to know each other in a better way but also guides them in dealing with each other’s traits.

The premarital counsellors mainly focus on four significant factors while counselling your issues. And these four factors are based on: