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For every species, there is a correlation between the life span and the number of times cells can reproduce themselves by division. So to prolong life, we must wither seek to prevent the causes of impaired cell division or, better still, attempt to increase the number of times cells divide. Much nutritional study has been done in this field. When cultured human cells are treated with vitamin E, for example, they become capable of 100or more divisions rather than the usual 50 or so. It also possible to take laboratory animals forms the same mother and the produce radiant health in some and signs of premature aging in the other just by changing their diets.

The symptoms of aging, it seems, are ultimately due to poor blood supply. Blood supply can be poor in quantity because atherosclerosis has narrowed vital blood vessels, or poor in quality because of poor nutrition.

However, nutrition is not the only factor in aging, Many other factors influence cell division as well- quality of life, the will to live, state of mind, exercise, stress levels, chronic disease, living and working conditions, heredity, alcohol, smoking, environmental pollution, Mental attitude, for examples, can stimulate an ‘aging control centre ‘in the brain to send ‘youth sign ‘to those parts of the body which produce hormones, with revitalizing effects.

The right nutrients can improve our thinking, increase our ability to cope with stress, wean us from alcohol, reduce our susceptibility to disease and neutralize pollutants in our bodies. Nutrition can help each one of us, directly and indirectly, to live longer.