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Indian wedding jewelries and types of jewelry being preferred nowadays!

In India the jewellery is considered as an integral part of this auspicious ceremony. It signifies the rich tradition and culture of our country. This expensive metal not only does add glow and aura to this grand occasion but also is denoted as a valuable asset that is passed on through generation to mark the tradition of the legacy.

India is a vast culture and so are its distinct aspects. When it comes to jewellery we usually look for its unique style and design and that is what makes each piece of jewellery so special. Indian jewelleries are known for its rich traditional background which traces back its history to several years back. Every region of this country has their unique style and design of jewelleries, and each of them are extremely beautiful and precious.

One of the chief aspects of Indian wedding is shopping jewelleries for the bride and the groom. This is denoted as a custom itself and is considered as a sacred purpose. No Indian wedding ceremony is complete without the usage of jewelleries. In fact jewellery is required to perform every single ritual. For example, the Engagement Ceremony or the ‘Sagai Ceremony’ is one important ritual in Indian Wedding traditions, where the bride and the groom exchanges ring to mark their engagement with each other and the life-long commitment that follows thereafter.

The fascination towards jewelleries remains to stay the same. But there have been some distinct changes in case of style, design and preferences for jewelleries. Most of the people look for jewelleries that are chic and trendy and goes well with contemporary outfits. Especially girls prefer trendy and miniature shape over the broad wide traditional jewellery pieces. Also there has been a growing craze towards a particular type of metal while choosing jewelleries. Nowadays, platinum and silver is equally preferred as a jewellery metal beside gold. Also certain gems and stones have gradually become very popular among women of present days. They prefer their jewelleries to be adorned with gemstones like emerald, turquoise, red coral, amethyst and even colourful crystals. These stones are not only precious but also add elegance and value to the design of the jewellery.

Let us have a brief discussion on the types of jewellery being preferred nowadays:

  • Kundan Jewelleries: Although this belongs from the traditional collection of jewelleries, however, the Kundan pieces are always chic and widely preferred by all due to its beautiful design and inscription of stones in it. Earlier these jewelleries were worn by the Maharanis from Rajasthan, and from there onwards the popularity of Kundan Jewellery ramified all across India. If you dream of a traditional Maharani look on your wedding day, then Kundan Jewellery is the best bet for you.
  • Platinum Jewellery: Platinum is the most expensive metal and way costly than gold. This beautiful metal can alone attract attention and do not require to be adorned with gems or stones. A bride who is dolled up with platinum jewelleries, is ought to snare the attention of the surrounded crowd.
  • Diamond Jewellery: Diamond is one of the most precious and yet the most expensive stone in whole world. However, the growing demand of diamond has made it the ultimate choice of all brides in India. From engagement ring to wedding necklace, diamond is the preferred stone for every piece of jewellery.