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10 Beauty things every bride and groom should follow before their wedding!

Beautiful skin is a dream for soon to be bride and groom. Both need equal care regarding beauty such as hair products, makeup products etc. don’t you think homemade things are better than loads of chemically oriented beauty creams? At least your skin won’t have to face the world war against those products and fail drastically.

Whether you are a bride or a groom, a wedding is indeed a very special moment for you. You need to the look your best on your day and preparation should start way ahead of time, four weeks to be precise.

Here are few tips to help you with it.

1.    Drink plenty of water.

Both bride and groom are required to have lots of water to have a clean and glowing skin. You don’t want to look dry and dehydrated in front of everyone, do you? It is said that having at least 12 glass of water is sufficient to keep you healthy.

2.    Good skincare.

You don’t have to look flushed and dry on your wedding day. Way ahead of time you should start taking care of your skin using natural treatment. You can use facial masks made out of honey, lemon or turmeric, milk, essential oils etc, every day for a month and you will have a glowing skin on your best day.

3.    Avoid fast foods.

Yes, you must do this for the sake of your soon to be. Fast foods can cause many diseases from diabetes to obesity and it affects your skin too. Try to avoid fast and oily foods for a month.

4.    Have a good night sleep.

Did you know your dark circles will disappear just by having 6 hours of good night sleep? It reduces the puffiness in your eyes making you look vibrant and glowing.

5.    Be in shape.

Brides are provided to have tummy in shape for their marriage and so do men. You don’t want your bride dresses or groom dresses to be shorter than you, do you? But you don’t have to worry since there are many stretching exercises like Yoga and dancing that you can use to have a proper shape.

6.    Trim your beard

It is one of the best groom makeup tips out there. You must plan way ahead of your wedding day how you need your beard to look like. If you think your face looks good on the third day of shaving, trim your beard in that particular shape three days ago. Weekly trimming may give you a better look as well.

7.    Waxing.

We see plenty of girls and guys as well having clean smooth skin without any rough hair. And you would want that for your wedding day too, don’t you? It’s better to have professionals for your help; otherwise, you can even use a homemade wax, just make sure to do the aftercare of your skin.

8.    Perfect lips.

Being one of the most mandatory bridal makeup tips, it’s essential for grooms as well. You can use honey and other natural ingredients to have pink and soft lips. You better start with it a month ago to have natural effects.

9.    Protection from sun rays.

The dark burnt skin on the wedding day is a nightmare. And this is why protection from the sun is so essential. You can use many natural oils such as coconut, sesame, wheat germ, oils out there along with many natural treatments.

10.    Have a nice haircut.

Get a stylish haircut and surprise your meant-to-be on your wedding day. Plan this way ahead of time and have beauticians trim your hair in beautiful shape.

Do you know any pre grooming tips? Let us know in the comments.