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Five Honeymoon getaways outside India:

One of the prime aspects in post-marriage planning is the preparation for honeymoon. This significant part in a newlywed couple’s life invigorates the love and special feelings for one another and is considered as a special getaway to celebrate the beginning of their marriage in an exquisite destination. Hence such a preparation requires strategic planning and keen attention and of course it should be considered among those primary tasks in your planning list.

Earlier people were strictly confined with the domestic destinations for their honeymoon planning, but nowadays a lot more options and varieties have emerged for this particular aspect. People have gradually got drawn to the mesmerizing and jaw-dropping beautiful locations of abroad- the pasture lowland or the steep mountain ridge; the snow-capped hills or the captivating blue river; everything of those in overseas looks so beautiful and amazing, that we have increasingly started favouring these locations for our perfect honeymoon getaway over the locations in our own country.

This is also a growing trend in India to choose honeymoon destinations in abroad, as it demonstrates our taste of elegance and extravaganza. It becomes the primary subject of speculation among the friend and the relatives, of where the newlywed couple is being sent for honeymoon. Choosing an exotic locations in an abroad land, maintains the standard of reputation and classiness of the particular family. But the spiking expenses and travelling allowances becomes a prime concern while planning for a honeymoon destination abroad.

However, there are some incredible locations in abroad that will not only lure your mind for beautiful scenic views but also for an impressive cheap rate of expenses for the entire journey. Let us have a look on some of such locations where you can plan your honeymoon at a lucrative amount:

Mauritius: The exotic beach side, the wide shimmering sea and the captivating blue sky on the backdrop, makes Mauritius the ultimate destination for honeymoon tour. This mesmerizing island will woo all minds of the sea and beach lovers. There are a large numbers of luxurious resorts and hotels, with fine dining and exclusive services that will make your journey extremely thrilling.  The resorts also offer a wide range of sports activities including golf, water sports, tennis, etc. You can also explore various other attractions in the island with the help of a professional guide. This tour could be even more satisfactory if you plan it through any travel agency, who will take each and every care of your journey, from booking your air tickets and arranging your living accommodations. Everything will come in an amazingly cheap rate.

Batam Island (Indonesia): Another wonderful island getaway could be a not so popular place, Batam Island, located in Indonesia. This has emerged to be a perfect holiday or honeymoon destination for the beautiful scenic view and the exclusive services provided from the resorts and hotels. The resorts are luxurious and will pamper you with awesome spa services and various other sports and outing activities. The place being not so popular helps you to cut short at your budget expenses. Even if you are booking through any travel agency, the packages offered by them are by far lucrative and fair.

Thailand: Thailand is a dream destination for those who are planning for their honeymoon. Beside its exotic beach locations Thailand is also the host of a couple of beautiful places where you can quest your urge for adventures. Phuket is one of the places in Thailand that is gaining immense popularity. This is primary because of the luxurious resorts and hotels, right beside the beach and sea-view. The incredible location is apt to kindle love and affection between a newlywed couple.

Malaysia: Like Thailand, Malaysia is also famous for various beautiful sight views and locations to make you feel all the more romantic and zealous. This is one of the common and yet the most beautiful place for your honeymoon destinations. Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Penang are some of the popular tourism spots in Malaysia. From delicious cuisine to plenty of activities on offer; from mesmeric beaches to historical attractions, makes these tourism spots all the more attractive.

Bangkok: This is one of the best honeymoon stay in world. Although Bangkok is located in Thailand but due to captivating views and vast panorama, the place itself has gained immense popularity.