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What is Healthcare KIOSK ? How it will be beneficial for healthcare industry ?

The kiosk is another form of new technological approach towards healthcare. Earlier versions of Kiosk used to be digital machines for checking blood pressure in drug stores and hospitals. Nowadays, however, the technology has changed and has become vast in a way. The latest approach that the kiosk is making is to check the weight, vision, blood pressure and communication with the profession in case of any health inquiry. Some versions of kiosk also collect the user data by asking various questions related to their personal health and previous health issues regarding their inquiry. Using kiosk is extremely easy and one can depend on it for the purpose of payment either.
When the kiosk is connecting with a broadband service, it can act as a medium between the patient and the profession on the other side. The professionals can be an expert from all around the world. Patients can now go through their health status by using Kiosk. Sometimes, they don’t even need a professional help while checking their health in a drug store. This amazing machine is available for everyone with various features. For instance, if diabetes needs to check their status, they may not need a professional help. On the hand, if the problem seems to be out of hand, the professional is connected with the patient through internet video. They are then provided live assistance by the experts all around the world.

What are its special features?

Healthcare KIOSK is advanced technological approach made to provide patients better health care facility even from a drug store. People who cannot get access to the experts can get the facility of convenient professional help. Patients can do many things using the KIOSK such as confirming demographics, checking the information regarding the insurance policy, documents and payments. The information is kept securely by the back-end system of the Health Care Organizations. This allows them to have their information transferred without the risk of generating an error.

Following are the functions that the patients can do:

•    At first, they check in their respective appointments.
•    The machine is made in such a way that their appointment information and identification of the patient is kept securely.
•    They then face the verification of the demographics.
•    They check their eligibility and put in their e-signature.
•    Patients also get alert notification and facility directions.
•    They also get required prescription regarding their problems.

How it does?

•    At first, they check the current status of online patients.
•    Thereafter they use their resources to manage configuration.
•    They also see the usage statistics.
•    They make sure that the Kiosk is having user is able to use Kiosk properly.

Other features:

•    It has an easy user interface that means patients can check in themselves without any professional help.
•    Patients can update their details on the kiosk easily.
•    The synchronization of patient is done automatically and they monitor the activities of the patients.

Benefits of Kiosk

•    This technique saves the staff working hours.
•    Paperwork is reduced since everything is saved automatically.
•    Management capacity will improved
•    Experts can manage the patients better than traditional ways.
•    The kiosk is completely secure for the usage of both patients and doctors.
•    Patients can get the facility of low cost enhanced communication and better healthcare facility.
•    Patients don’t have to wait in the queue to take their turn.
•    Patients with different languages can also use this facility.
•    It is made up of screen touch technology.
•    It is easy to use for everyone.
•    Privacy of the patients is increased.
•    They get the best quality webcam to establish a connection between them and the experts.
•    There are video tutorials for the first time users.