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Top strategies for time management and productivity

Defining productivity is easy; it is a measurement of a person’s working efficiency. It does not mean that a person must get it all done on a particular day. The primary focus of productivity is to consistently do mandatory things. That means to complete the task that is certainly important for you.

Productivity means to engage in tasks and to maintain steadiness on important things. You don’t have to be fast in everything else. Below mentioned strategies are based on research and science.

Productivity strategy ideas

  • The first step is to learn to prioritize your things according to your necessity. You can use Eisenhower Box, which can be a great tool for organizing, taking action and much more.
  • Another technique you can make use of is Ivy Lee method. In simple terms, it means to do the thing first that is most important to you.
  • Warren Buffett’s strategy technique includes 3 simple productivity steps. You just have to determine the actions and priorities and make decisions based on that.
  •  The last technique was used by Anthony Trollope. He wrote 40+ books just by giving a 15-minutes priority t it every day.
  • You can also manage your to-do list and list the priorities one after another.

Simple ways for efficient productivity

  1. Management of energy

Some people say that time is money and it should be managed first. It is, however, true to some extent. You can manage time, but you cannot work in a fatigued condition. The primary task, therefore, is to manage your work according to the level of energy you have.

  1. Preparation

This can be the most important point of all. Planning ahead of time is necessary for your everyday plan, it certainly is good if you prepare the previous night itself. It means, preparing the to-do list for the next day can save your 3 to 4 hours of frustration.

  1. Emails, texts, and priorities

If your work depends on your email, it is understandable. It is, however, waste of your quality time in going through the texts that are not going to help you with your first priority. Using the productive morning time to do the important thing is better than to urge for reading unnecessary texts and emails.

  1. Do you own a phone? Turn it off!

That is one of the important steps you can ever do. Turning your phone off can be as difficult as swallowing bitter food. It is, however, necessary to take that step if you need to give first priority to important work.

  1. Turn your AC on

Working on hot summer days can be frustrating and draining. Your mind cannot focus in that atmosphere. That is why experts suggest that a normal cool temperature can bring your body and mind together.

  1. Be comfortable

You don’t have to take up a position to do your work in which you are not able to breathe properly. You don’t have to hurt your body in order t complete your task since it can leave you feeling frustrated.

  1. Relax before you start

Develop a habit to get into a pre-gaming mode so that you can relax a bit. You can do meditation, watch motivational videos and do so much more.

The primary step for better productivity is to manage the list and choose what’s more important to you.