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Burn hospital to be built by Maharashtra Government

Burn hospital to be built by Maharashtra Government:

  • The hospital is going to be ready by 2020.
  • Masina- A private hospital has the largest and multifaceted burn center.

Mumbai is going to get its first public hospital specializing to treat burn injuries. The ministry of health, Govt. of Maharashtra announced the decision to build a burn center of a kind after more than a dozen people were killed in a fire at the Kamala Mills compound.

According to Dr. Deepak Sawant, health minister of Maharashtra, “A special burns center having the facility of skin bank will be set up at the Government-run Samanya Rugnalaya in Malwani, Malad”. The Govt. is planning to build the hospital on a plot belonging to Maharashtra Govt. and it is expected to be fully functional within 2 years.

Presently, there is not a single Govt. burn center in The City of Dreams. City’s largest and most prominent burn center is at Masina Hospital which is a 15-bed private facility and has been in function since 4 decades.

There has been some burn care and plastic surgery units in various medical colleges and hospitals but they are suffered badly due to lack of space as well as beds. They also don’t have the expertise to treat third-degree burn cases and it gets too complicated to treat these types of burns.

One of the largest and specialized burn hospitals- National Burns Centre is also in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. But it is not affordable to middle and lower class people because of its costly treatment.

Dr. Sawant also added that “There are some public hospitals with the facilities to treat burns, but people having 50% burn injuries are transferred to NBC. The Govt. decided to start a new burn center by keeping all these things in mind”.

According to some health officials, a skin bank, where storing skin from cadavers should be easy, is much needed. Skin is collected from cadavers and bodies of donors and can be stored up to five years in a skin bank. That skin stored can be used to treat people who have suffered deep burns, electrical burns and chemical burns. Timely skin implantation can be proved very handy to protect such patients from deadly infections. Presently, there is only one skin bank in the city, which was set up at Sion Hospital way back in 2000.

According to Dr. Sawant, the number of skin donations increased after 2007 and govt. is constantly trying to inspire people to donate skin. “The number of skin donators is increased significantly following 2007 and we are constantly trying to create awareness among people to donate skin. This can be a big ray of hope for people suffered with serious burn injuries”.

The govt. of Maharashtra is going to take an amazing step to build a public burn center in the state capital. This move can be proved very helpful for financially weaker people. Not only State Governments, Central Government should also start an initiative like this by asking people to donate skin and give someone a ray of hope.