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Dengue Fever: Symptoms, prevention, and Treatment.

Dengue fever is, or dandy fever is a disease borne from the mosquito that can be proved fatal if not diagnosed in time. It affects people with a low immune system and is caused by one of the five dengue virus serotypes.


Types of dengue can vary depending on the seriousness of the disease. The sever ones are DHF and DSS that can even cause the death of the patient.


There have been many cases recorded across the world but it is primitive in the Asian and other areas like the Caribbean, Africa, South and Central America, etc. This year from January to July in Sri Lanka, 80,732 cases were reported and 215 patient deaths. New Delhi in India had 1,872 cases of dengue patients in the year 2015. The worst was in Thailand having 135,344 recorded cases of the disease and followed by 126 deaths. Dengue fever is less prominent in the US.


Sign and Symptoms:


Dengue symptoms vary according to the seriousness of the disease. The common symptoms of mild dengue include:


• Appearance and disappearance of body rashes.

• Having a high fever and severe headache.

• Nauseous feeling and vomiting.

• Pain behind the eyes.

• Intense pain in joints and muscles.


These mild symptoms may go away a week later. It is life-threatening for the patients but they shouldn’t ignore the doctor’s advice either.


One of the severe types, known as dengue hemorrhagic fever, is fatal to the life of the patient if not treated in time. It is mild in the initial stages but gets severe as the days progress. The patient suffers from bleeding of gums, nose, and mouth, skin becomes clammy, chances of damage in blood vessels and lymph increases, the stomach becomes sensitive, has a weak pulse, internal bleeding, and black vomiting or stools, lowers blood platelets in the blood, etc.


Another severe type of dengue, also called as dengue shock syndrome, includes the symptoms of mild dengue and severe pain in the stomach, disorientation, fast decrease in blood pressure, vomiting, leaking blood vessels, intense bleeding etc. it can lead to the death of the patient without the doctor’s treatment.


Treatment and prevention


There is no specific dengue treatment in allopathic medicines, although, you can find one in Ayurveda treatments such as papaya leaf extract or holy basil. You can also use painkillers having acetaminophen in it. Just make sure top avoid medicines with aspirin in it. It can worst your internal bleeding.


Another treatment is to take a complete bed rest and drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration. If your symptoms get worst, you must consult your doctor. They can also do several tests including a blood test to confirm the disease.


There are several other ways to prevent this hazardous disease. There is no vaccination for it at present. In 2016, however, there has been an approval passed for a vaccine to be used in areas like dengue-endemic.


• If you live in a dengue-prone area, be sure to prevent yourself by covering exposed parts of your skin. You may use socks on your legs or gloves. Use long sleeve shirts and long pants if possible to avoid being attacked by mosquitoes.


• In the dusk, early evening and at dawn, you should try to stay indoors as much as possible since mosquitos are active at that time.


• Make sure you have your doors and windows shut or try using net doors or windows. They should be free from holes.


Apart from this, we recommended using mosquito nets if you are indoors and mosquito repellants if you are outdoors.