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Bad Habits that may damage your kidneys

Kidneys are connected with other bodily organs and can do more than one job at a time. They filter waste blood out, remove extra fluid, increases RBCs, controls blood pressure. Isn’t it important for a kidney to function properly?

Anyone hardly notices its failure. You won’t realize the failure since it can work fine even if it’s damaged 80%. You will first have to check kidney failure symptoms.

Some common symptoms include anemia, coldness, issues in breathing, change in urine regarding color and odor, bad breath, vomiting often, feeling dizzy, feeling itchy on the skin, body pain, etc. But one shouldn’t just wait for these symptoms to appear. It’s a good option to convert bad habits into good ones that have been hampering the proper process of kidney function.

Below are few bad habits you need to take seriously for the working kidney:

1. Do not include high protein in your diet.

Protein is an essential element for the growth of the body. Even our hair and nails suffer because of its deficiency. But did you know taking an excess of protein is dangerous for your kidney? They separate nitrogen and ammonia in excretion from protein. It is involved in the proper functioning of metabolism. If you intake high protein, the kidney will have loads of metabolic work to do. It can even cause hyper-filtration and increased glomerular pressure.

(Dietary Reference Intake) DRI says the appropriate amount of everyday protein intake per pound should be 0.36 grams or 0.8 grams per kilogram. That means an average man should at least include 56 grams and woman should have 46 grams per day. Although it can vary depending on your age and weight, you should not take more than your required intake to having a good functioning kidney.

2. Get enough sleep.

It is said on an average a human being should sleep for at least 6 hours per night. According to Dr. Michael Sole, a cardiologist and a professor, every night the tissue of our kidneys are renewed and if we don’t get enough sleep, the chances of damage can increase to an extent kidneys could fail to work properly. A good night sleep is mandatory for your kidney.

3. Do not delay your call of nature.

Did you ever wonder why some people force themselves to use those smelly public washrooms? They are avoiding conditions such as kidney failure. The more you will control, the more you will pressurize your kidney. Your kidneys are already doing multiple works for your body. If the workload increases, they will have to do overtime. And this might cause kidney failure.

4. Vitamin deficiency.

There are many kidney problems that can occur if you ignore this one. Fruits and vegetables contain the high amount of the minerals and vitamins essential for the growth of your body. Their deficiency can cause serious damage to your kidneys. For example, you can have kidney stone treatment at home if you take a good amount of vitamin D in your diet every day.

5. Drink sufficient water.

Insufficient intake of water can be a primary cause of kidney failure. A healthy person takes about 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. But the lack of sufficient water can cause a lesser flow of blood to the kidneys, which can hamper its work to excrete harmful toxins out of the body.

We also recommend avoiding foods with high amount of sodium and potassium because they can’t get completely filtered off your kidneys and start building up in the blood stream. So, stay mindful of these habits and start taking care of your kidneys.