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Introduction to intermittent fasting

In simple terms, it means to skip your breakfast to get better health. Some people have only 2 meals a day and they skip breakfasts. Sometimes, they fast for 16 hours together and start with taking a small meal the next day.

According to reports, men used this intermittent fasting and successfully increased their muscle mass and decreased extra body fat. Some people even gained 10 pounds of muscle mass and decreased extra body fat by 14%. Their training time also decreased and explosiveness increased.

This method made many men look leaner, strong and fit even if they skipped the gym.

What really is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting can be defined as an eating pattern rather than a diet plan. You just have to reschedule your eating habits and you are done. You just have to change your time.

Then the important question pops into the head: it is worth doing that?

Many surveys and reports state that intermittent fasting is the most prominent method to lose extra fat and gain a lean body. Putting yourself on a harsh dietary plan and eating nothing can cause more suffering. It is seen that the more you do intermittent fasting, the more calories will burn in your body.

Working of intermittent fasting

 There are typically two kinds of state: fasting and feeding states. The feeding state is when your body is trying to absorb all the food you ate. It starts from the time you start to eat. In practical ways, it can last for at most 5 hours after you eat. It can be hard for you to burn your fat when you are in this state.

The second state is the fasting in which your body goes in a post-absorptive condition. In this state, your body is not absorbing any kind of meal. It can last for 8 to 12 hours after you eat. in this state, you get plenty of opportunities to burn your fat because of low insulin level.

Since we eat after every 4 hours, it is rare to enter this state. This is the reason why many people are frustrated because of overweight and unhealthy body. Intermittent fasting brings about this particular state in your body and makes you lose fat faster than earlier.

Positive advantages of intermittent fasting

  • It increases your lifespan

According to many scientists, lifespan can be increased by lowering extra calories in your body. Starving is not a good option here since it can be unhealthy for your body. This is where intermittent fasting comes to help you. You can fast and have a healthy body at the same time.

  • It can reduce cancer risk

In one report, about 10 cancer patients were involved. They stated that the side effects of chemotherapy can be reduced by doing intermittent fasting. Another study took up the process of alternate fasting on various cancer patients, which proved to be effective. This shows that you can get reduced cancer risk in your body, but the topic is still debatable.

Intermittent fasting is a unique way to make your life better in many ways. You can skip breakfast or meal in unhealthy ways band cut off your food altogether. It, however, cannot help you gain muscle mass and make you lean.