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Planning a garden wedding in India:

Wedding planning concept has reformed with the growing awareness of modernization and sophistication in our society. We look for unique styles and innovative concepts that have been implemented in the planning strategy. Lot more varieties and modifications have been incorporated in planning this auspicious ceremony in a grand manner. Hence, people have numerous options to choose from while initiating their planning for marriage. Among all the aspects in a wedding planning, the wedding venue is considered as the most important part. People have numerous options to choose from and India itself hosts several destinations and places for wedding ceremonies.

The garden areas and locations have emerged to be a distinctive venue to celebrate this auspicious ceremony. The wide green panorama and the blooming plants all around will surely swept your feet from ground and create an outstanding ambience. India is a country full of greenery and grassland and every city has several garden areas in itself. Hence, if you wish to tie the auspicious knot in the realm of greenery, then garden is the best bet for you. In India this particular venue location is getting lot of popularity.

When you initiate your wedding planning in a garden area then it may appear easy at first. But gradually you will understand how much depth and knowledge you require before you execute the planning. Here are few tips that you can follow:

  • Look for the wideness of area: The first thing that you must consider while choosing a garden location as your wedding venue is the expansion of the area. Marriage is a vast ceremony and a large number of people are usually invited in this ceremony. Hence, you will surely look for a garden location that is wide in area to accommodate and make space for enough guests.
  • Check the distance: When you choose a wedding venue you must first consider the distance of the location from nearby transport hub and other important places. Likewise, when you choose a garden area you must also consider the outside area and accommodation facility to the nearby destinations. This will help you to estimate the travelling time and distance for all your guests and invites.
  • Wedding hall in garden area: If you wish to celebrate the wedding ritual inside a marriage hall then look for it while choosing a garden venue. Often many garden locations also accommodate a wedding hall inside the area with additional services.
  • Look for the services provided inside the garden: The preferences and choices for a wedding arrangement may vary from person to person, and so will vary their requirements. Hence, while choosing a garden venue look for your specific requirements. Determine how you would like to customize the services and decorate the area. While many people look for dark, dense greenery, some prefers a little less density of trees and greeneries, and others look for additional services like fountains and artificial streams. So you have any pre-determined plan already then look for those criteria and if it matches with your venue.