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Zika Virus: The deadly mosquito haunting the world again

Zika Virus is the latest health scare for the world. Although, it was discovered in 1947 in the forests of Uganda, came in light in 2015. Some pregnant women in Brazil gave birth to abnormal babies with small heads which is generally associated with improper development of brain known as Microcephaly. This condition was also linked with Guillain- Barre syndrome, in which the immunes system itself attacks the nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system and it can cause paralysis.

Zika virus becomes more dangerous as it doesn’t show many symptoms. The symptoms are so mild that people doesn’t seek medical attention and hence have chances of getting affected with the infection. According to reports, Zika was first detected in Brazil and some parts of South America after 6 to 12 months of its arrival.

The deadly disease is spread by Aedes mosquito which is active at daytime and is also responsible for spreading dengue and chickangunya. Generally, people affected with Zika don’t get sick. It only causes some mild illness, fever, joints pain and rashes on skin. Infection to mother during pregnancy can cause some serious health issues to the baby. It can produce birth-related problems like damage to the brain, blindness, deafness and maybe even seizures.

Some facts about mosquito causing Zika:

  • Its biological name is Aedes Aegypti.
  • It is a small mosquito dark in color with white markings and banded legs.
  • According to scientists, it was first originated in Africa.
  • It is believed that it came through slave ships to America.
  • The main sources of its spread are ships and planes.
  • It is now found in various parts of world including southern United States.
  • It is believed that it was the reason behind devastating yellow fevers way back in early 20th century.
  • It is now known as the carrier of tropical illness like dengue fever, chickungunya, and Zika fever.
  • Unlike other mosquitoes, it embraces the clean atmosphere like gardens and parks.
  • It generally bites people at day time.
  • Female mosquitoes get nutrients from human blood to make eggs.

India has been free from this virus for more than 60 years and last traces of this deadly virus was seen in 1953. India has strengthened its protection system from infections and an amazing downfall in the Polio infection is the proof of it. As the Zika Virus came back to haunt the people around the world as well as in Inia, it is very important for Government to take some serious steps to reduce the risk of its spread as much as possible.

How to avoid spread of Zika infections:

  • Choose the proper mosquito repellent. It is important to choose right mosquito killer to get rid of mosquitoes around yourself. Reduce the presence of mosquitoes as much as possible.
  • Keep your home close at the day time as much as possible, as it generally bites at day time.
  • Wear proper clothes while going outside and keep yourself covered properly.
  • Do not ignore the mild symptoms like fever, headache, stomach disorders etc. and consult your doctor at regular intervals