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5 Jobs you can do from your home:

If you are a student, a housewife or a retired person, you can understand the importance of working from the comfort of your home. It is also a wonderful option for those who want to use their extra time by earning some extra money. Acquiring quality education sometimes takes a lot of time and a youngster can get annoyed due to absence of his personal source of money. Due to advancements in technology, internet and social platforms, there are plenty of options available if you are looking to work from home:

  1. Providing Virtual Assistance:

A lot of professionals need assistants with various skills to help them doing various works like scheduling meetings, talking to clients and investors, creating various documents, managing websites, advertising pages and blogs. These professionals are too busy to talk directly to their clients and need some virtual assistants. This Virtual Assistance needs some skills and now a days, everyone looks for experience. However, good communication skills and basic computer knowledge including MS Office can raise your chances of getting these types of jobs. You can apply directly on websites like Elance and Zirtual to try your luck as a VA.

  1. Translator:

Having a knowledge of multiple languages is always beneficial. It can create various short term as well as long term carrier opportunities. If you are fluent in English and have a better knowledge of couple of Indian languages, you can get good chances as a translator. If you know about an extra language like Germen or French, it can add significantly to your earnings. There are plethora of opportunities in this field. Different international business, authors, scholars and researchers can acquire your services as a translator. There are various freelancing websites like and where you can apply as a translator.

  1. Blogging:

Blogging is one of the best way to earn money from home. You can manage your own blogging site as well as can write blogs for other websites. There is a huge fraud as well. A lot of people are waiting for you to take wrong advantages of your desire to work from home. Google AdSense is one of the trusted ways to earn money with blogging. Here you need good writing skills, basic computer knowledge along with a lot of luck.

  1. Web Development:

If you have significant knowledge of web designing and coding, you can easily work as a web developer. It is easy to find work as a web developer because it is usually outsourced by the companies. There is a huge competition in this field as well. It’s very important to create your specialization, build an attractive reputation and keep a lot of patience.

  1. Content Writing:

Content Writing is one of the most popular and profitable freelance jobs. There is always a huge demand of Content Writers who can write different kinds of contents with some quality and professionalism. If you are good in grammar, sentence making and typing, this can be proved very suitable for you.

All these options are well proved as better sources of significant, not large income. You can work from the comfort of your home and according to your time. There are some right and trusted sources where you can get these types of jobs, but there are plethora of fake websites which are ready to harm you with fraud. Be careful and choose a better one for yourself.